A new you

Creating a new you.

Yesterday we spoke about how the stories that you tell yourself, about yourself, as well as your self-image, will determine whether or not you can

  • Lose weight
  • Increase your confidence
  • Have more energy
  • Get fitter
  • Be happier

If your self-image and beliefs about yourself and what you want to achieve don’t change, then it takes a LOT of effort, struggle and willpower to get the results you want.

Changing the self-image requires changing your mind.

And the first step is to get crystal clear about what you want to achieve, how you want to look, and how you want to feel….

Write down how you want to look…

How you want to feel…

What clothes do you wear?

What activities do you enjoy?

What compliments do people give you regarding your body, your confidence, your energy?

What foods do you eat?

What habits do you have?

Once you’ve spent some time building this picture, it’s a good idea to spend 3-10 minutes every day visualising this ‘new you’.

Visualisation is powerful, but not enough by itself to get the changes that will transform your body, mind and life.

You must do something different than what you are currently doing to see any changes.

So start the movement towards the new you by doing something different.

Pick something that you know that the healthier, fitter version of you would do….

It can be anything…

Take a walk…

Get out some old clothes that you love that you are going to fit back in to…

Change your breakfast…

Drink one glass of water more than you currently do…

Sign up for an exercise class….

Journal things you appreciate and are grateful for…

As you start doing some relatively small things differently, your confidence will grow and your belief that you can make the changes that you want will grow quickly.

It all starts with getting super clear about what you want to achieve regarding your health and body.

And then following up on that vision with the daily actions that will get you there.

Jonny & Vera