Stop, Start.

A nice little exercise that you can do on a weekly basis is to look back at the thoughts, feelings and actions that made you look and feel a certain way.

Were there things that made you feel frustrated and fed up?  Maybe certain people?  Or did you browse the internet too much?

Write down the details or make a mental note, and vow to stop having them conversations or doing the actions that made you feel frustrated.

How about food?  Did certain foods make you feel less energetic than other meals?  maybe a particular meal is making you feel bloated or triggering higher hunger levels throughout the day?

Again, make a note of these meals, bring some awareness and take some action towards making better choices.

We all benefit from reflecting back.  Especially when it comes to changing the way we look and feel. 

If we don’t bring any awareness into the thoughts, feelings and actions we are taking and having, then we just coast on by in default mode, wondering why we aren’t looking and feeling the way we’d like.

There are always things that we need to do less of, and things we need to start or do more of.

This weekly reflection can be done in various areas in your life, that impact how you look and feel.






People and conversations

Lifestyle habits (sleep quality, alcohol intake)

Let us know how you get on.

Jonny & Vera


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