Jonny Stannard

Jonny has worked in the health, fitness and nutrition industry for well over 14 years. Specialising in male and female fat loss, he has been able to help hundreds of people around the world reach their goals. Jonny has a vast experience in coaching on a personal 1-1 level as well as in small groups and through his online transformation programmes. He is also a Precision Nutrition certified coach. He is regularly working behind the scenes on the UK TV show, Ninja Warrior, helping contestants prepare for the event.

Veera Stannard

Veera is a former European and Global professional athlete – representing Estonia in the 800 meters. Veera speaks three different languages including Russian, Estonian and English. She was a contestant of the most popular fitness challenge programme in the world, Ninja Warrior (2017, Series 3) Veera also specialises in pre and postnatal fitness making sure that mums and mums-to-be exercise and stay fit in a safe manner.