Forget Diet & Exercise (For now)

Often, when people are struggling to get the results that they want, exercise and nutrition are the first couple of things people try to get to grips with.  

And after a while, many people give up on their goals thinking that they are an impossible dream. Lazy, demotivated and uninspired are some of the labels people assign to themselves as they wonder why they can’t get things together and move towards better health.

If you think that this sounds all too familiar, then you’ve probably experienced some of the following symptoms.

  • Low mood
  • Lack of energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Cravings (Often out of control)
  • Anxiety
  • Getting out of breath easily
  • Difficulty in motivating yourself
  • Low sex drive
  • Sore joints

If you do experience some of the above, then trying to exercise more and be more ‘strict’ with your diet won’t help that much.

Nowadays the majority of people are running around with chronic stress hormones getting spiked multiple times per day. Relationships, poor lifestyle, lack of sleep, traffic, work stress and financial stress can all build up and wreak havoc on your physical body.

When people become aware of the amount of stress they’re under (often this takes time as it’s the norm for most guys and girls!), they can start to take action on things that they can change to reduce the stress load.

As a result, people start to have more energy, feel better about themselves and move towards improved health and weight loss very quickly.

So if you feel like you’re trying as hard as you can with exercise and nutrition, think about some of the other things that could be holding you back. Making one or two changes to your habits and lifestyle can reduce your stress levels a lot. And the reduction in stress will yield way better results than trying to force yourself to do and unsustainable diet and vigorous exercise regime.

I hope this post helps.

Please ask if you have any questions.