Change your story, change your results.

If you’ve been on a frustrating journey so far regarding

  • Getting healthier
  • Losing weight
  • Improving your fitness
  • Building new habits into your daily life
  • Breaking bad habits
  • Lifting your confidence

Then you will likely be familiar with the ‘inner critic’ that always seems to be there when you try and make positive changes.

And you will have encountered times when you think of yourself as lazy, or as someone who just doesn’t ‘want it’ enough.

When people can’t get the results they want, it’s not down to laziness (maybe sometimes) or lack of motivation.

More often than not, results don’t come for most because they don’t change their self-image.

And if the self-image does not match up with the outcome you want regarding your health and body, then it will always seem like your fighting an uphill battle.

You can’t attract ‘thin and healthy’ if you’re entertaining daily thoughts and feelings of ‘fat and lazy.’

You don’t need to change your inner thoughts and self-image right away; it’s not going to happen!

But bringing some awareness to the stories that you tell yourself is a good start.

How do you think of yourself?

Are you critical towards yourself for not reaching your goals?

Do you often compare yourself to friends, people off TV or celebrities that seem to have the outcome you want regarding how you look and feel?

In the next post, we will talk more about how you can change your self-image and move quickly towards your goals.

But for now, write down some of your current stories and inner conversations that you have, good and bad.

Jonny & Ve