Having your cake and eating it

One of the most common questions Inspirit Retreat guests ask us is “What foods do I have to cut out to lose weight?” They’re sometimes surprised when our answer is “None – enjoy your food!” Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that.

If you’re serious about getting in shape you can’t just eat whatever you want whenever you want it, and it’s definitely good to understand a bit about nutrition and how it affects you. But we strongly believe that if you don’t have a diet you enjoy, it’s not going to work – and there are other lifestyle factors that are equally important anyway.

Just look at all the restrictive diets on offer out there: low carb, low fat, low calorie, gluten free, vegan, fasting and so on. If one of these diets was guaranteed to work, there wouldn’t be any others! When people have allergies or intolerances, then naturally it makes sense to cut out whatever’s causing the problem.

If not, then the one thing that can be said in favour of diets like this is that some of them might sometimes get some short-term results. But generally speaking they’re uncomfortable and unsustainable, and therefore get you nowhere in the long run.

At Inspirit Retreat, our ethos is different. Healthy eating matters but it’s a question of balance, and we’re lucky to be based in a region where the local cuisine makes it easy to prepare excellent nutritious food. The meals we serve are tailored to each guest and do get results, but they’re intended first and foremost to be enjoyed – and to lay the foundations for a future approach where taking a sensible approach to food is a positive pleasure, not a minefield of negative prohibitions.