If this doesn’t change, nothing changes.

Over the past ten years, we have been lucky enough to see many people go through some quite astonishing changes in terms of body and health transformations.  It is a joy to see so many men and women take charge of their daily habits and literally become new people throughout a few short months.

Despite seeing some great results, we see our fair share of people that always seem to revert back to their old ways, seemingly unable to shake off bad habits, which leaves them frustrated and fed up.

Maybe you can relate to this?  Set a goal to get fit and lose weight, pick a diet, start exercising regularly and practice better habits.  Things go great for a week or two, some weight is lost, and body shape has improved quite a lot.  Then, something happens.  Old habits creep back in, body weight starts to increase, and the exercise regime goes out of the window.  

And the cycle continues.  And for some, it lasts a lifetime.

Why does this happen?

95% of people who take this approach completely avoid doing the deeper work that is required for real, lasting change.  And that deeper work is taking a look at their self-image and beliefs and figuring out a way to change them so that success is almost automatic.

Here’s a couple of examples of self-images and beliefs that always end up with the person completely giving up on their health and weight loss goals.

“I have a sweet tooth.”

“I’m fat.”

“I can’t stick to diets.”

I’ll never look like that.”

“It’s ok for her; she has a fast metabolism.”

“My problem is wine.”

“I hate exercise.”

“I look awful.”

These beliefs that lead to a poor self-image can be said internally, often many times each day, or externally to friends and family.  While some of these may be said tongue in cheek, or with a little humour, they are actually detrimental to physical health, mindset and ultimately lead to most people not making any positive changes in their lives.

It doesn’t really matter which of the latest exercise regimes or cutting edge diets you follow. If you have a poor self-image that is working against you, you’ll always end up frustrated, seeing very little progress.

If you’re someone who always feels like they can’t stick to diets or always self-sabotages, then examining your self-image and beliefs will be life-transforming for you.

The book – Psycho-cybernetics is a great place to start on this subject.  Once you change your self-image, your health and weight loss goals will happen faster than you can dare to imagine.  And the changes you make will be life long.