I know what to do but can’t seem to do it.

Does that sound familiar to you?  

“Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing.”

Knowing what foods are healthy, how beneficial exercise is and the importance of managing stress for your health is not enough.  We all have to apply that knowledge to see profound changes in how we look and feel.

Because people already know what they should be eating and how they can exercise to get the results they desire, our job isn’t to fill your head with more information on the retreat.

Each of us has our reasons for self-sabotage and doing or not doing the things that keep us from achieving our goals.  What we help our clients with at Inspirit is digging a little deeper into their thought processes and mindset surrounding their self-image, support network, beliefs and unique life-situation.

We help our clients get to the bottom of these self-destructive habits and beliefs, and this can be a little uncomfortable, but once they are brought to the surface, they have a platform for real transformation.

And being surrounded by people that want you to win and succeed, while supporting you all the way, makes each person’s journey a happier one.