Health, fitness and fun with friends.

Are you part of a group of friends that are looking to

  • Lose weight
  • Tone up
  • Increase your energy
  • Get fitter
  • De-stress and hit the ‘reset’ button for your health, body and mind
  • Get some sunshine 🙂
  • Stay at a luxury villa
  • Catch up and have fun with your friends in a healthy environment.

Inspirit offer special packages for groups of 6-8 people who want to enjoy the Inspirit experience with the people that mean the most to them.

These packages are the perfect ‘getaway’ for friends who want to catch up, have fun and change their body in the process.

The luxury villa in Portugal is the perfect spot for you to enjoy all that Portugal has to offer. The great weather, delicious food, the beautiful beaches and cliff walks all provide the perfect environment for you to have fun, increase your fitness as well as getting some well-deserved rest and recovery.

The Inspirit team will look after your group and take care of every aspect of your break.  The program will include small group workouts, yoga, long walks, running or jogging, beach workouts and mindfulness.

You will come back from the experience feeling refreshed from all the sunshine, delicious foods and exercise.  And you’ll be nourished after spending 5 days in luxurious settings with your friends and the people that are close to you.

Contact for more information on the special offers we have for groups of 6-8 people.