How much weight can I lose?

“Just how much weight can I lose?” & “How many inches can I trim in 5 days?” are common questions we get from our clients before their Inspirit experience.  While there are no universal answers to these questions, there are a few things that will definitely happen during the Inspirit experience.

Everyone will experience better sleep, lose lots of inches, weigh less, have more energy and experience less bloating within days of landing in Portugal.  This isn’t due to any magic pill or starvation diet.

All of our guests come to Portugal, leaving behind the stresses of day to day life back at home.  We have had busy parents, stressed out corporates, burnt out professionals and tired business owners, all who want some ‘me’ time to figure out their health and fitness problems.  As soon as they arrive at the luxury villa, things start to change for the better.  The sun is out, warming the skin, food is nutritious and delicious, and the sea breeze brings a sense of calm, peace and relaxation to each of our guests.  Some walking, yoga and training, which are designed in the perfect amount for each person, start to move things in the right direction.  The body and mind are nourished from all directions.

To some guests, it almost seems too easy as the weight and inches start to drop.  They’ve come to us with beliefs that they have to starve themselves to get the results they want to see.  Some believe that they have to train every day to see the positive changes they so desperately need. There’s plenty of time to rest around the pool or in the villa with some music or a good book, these type of activities are more beneficial to one’s health than the exercise and nutrition programs.

At Inspirit, we are changing the way people view health, fitness and weight loss, one retreat at a time.  All of our previous guests are still getting results and seeing progress from their last experience due to the education, accountability and support our coaches give everyone before, during and after the retreat.  

Extraordinary results are the norm at Inspirit Retreat.  And who doesn’t want exceptional results, while enjoying the sunshine, Portuguese culture and the stunning sights of the Algarve?