5 things you can do to prevent weight gain and bloating over Christmas

And it doesn’t involve counting calories or giving up booze 🙂

1 – Hydrate.  

Simple right? When the body is hydrated, everything works better! Skin, digestion, energy ALL benefit from us getting enough water in. When we don’t get enough, our bodies will do all it can to retain fluids. 

This leads to bloating and water retention! Not great if you want to fit in your favourite outfit for the Christmas party!  \

Bonus tip – If you’ve had too much tipple, rehydrating will help clear your hangover fast. Drink 1/2 litre per 50lb of your bodyweight.

2 – Lift some weights. 

No, you don’t have to lift like a bodybuilder but doing some resistance training, especially on days you’ve eaten too much (all Christmas!) will make sure the extra calories get utilised by the body as opposed to stored as fat. 

If you’d like a couple of resistance session you can do at home or in the gym, please send us an email.

3 – Move. 

Walk, crawl, run, swim, cycle…. whatever you like, just move more. 

Not only is cardio great for your heart health AND mental health, stepping up your activity levels means that you burn more energy and allows you to eat more food 🙂

Who doesn’t want that over Christmas?

4 – Box breathing. 

A simple exercise that will help you calm your body and mind, as well as improve digestion and reduce bloating.

Keeping the mouth closed you breath deeply through your nose and into your belly for 5 seconds, then you hold the breath for 5, exhale from the nostrils for 5, and then pause for 5 at the end of the exhale.

5 – Choose your tipple wisely. 

Cocktails, beers and boozy festive hot drinks can stack up calories fast. See if you can opt for low-calorie mixers with spirits to keep you from piling on the pounds.  

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